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INDUCTION & Development Agreement

This agreement is between [WE GUARD HEALTHCARE LTD] (“the Agency”)


and………………………………………………(“the Staff”), Name


Initial Learning & Development Programme


The Staff hire as an Agency Health Care Assistant but has no previous experience of working in the UK care sector.                                                                                                                                                                                                              He/she therefore needs to undertake a comprehensive programme of learning and development to achieve the necessary skills and competence required for the role (Care worker Induction)

The Staff agrees to contribute £300.00 to the Agency towards the cost of this Programme prior to Induction and Training


Ongoing Training Costs

1.    From time to time the Agency may pay for the Staff to attend subsequent training courses (the Subsequent Courses). In consideration of this, the Staff agrees that if their employment terminates after the Agency has incurred liability for the cost of the Staff doing so, the Staff will be liable to repay some or all of the fees, expenses and other costs (the Subsequent Costs) associated with such training courses.

2.    The Staff have agreed to work for the Agency 6 month’s on according to the weekly shifts.

3.    The Staff agrees to the Agency deducting the Subsequent Costs from the Staff’s final salary or any outstanding payments due to the Agency.

4.    The Agency only provide employment references for the staff after they complete 6 months of work experience.



The parties have signed in acceptance of the above agreement: