January 2023

Upgrade Your Healthcare Recruitment Software Today

The modern recruitment agency needs special software to deliver services that work for both clients and staff. Agency workers need modern support to thrive in the medical world. 20X has created a groundbreaking healthcare recruitment software which has been custom-built to provide a comprehensive solution for a healthcare agency.

We provide healthcare staffing software which can be used to perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis. It’s easy to recruit workers, identify prospective candidates who meet compliance criteria, schedule interviews, keep track of onboarding, and deliver a comprehensive solution that recruits the best talent for your clients.

The Importance of a Care Agency CRM

Any good care agency needs a good CRM to effectively deliver services which are made to be effective and reliable. This can include things like being able to search and place healthcare workers into their placements before your competitors can do so.

Our systems allow you to use rate management modules to store rate guidelines as many times as you like and assign them as necessary to specific candidates or positions. We also offer you access to tools which help with tracking, managing and updating any compliance modules.

The Importance of Care Staff Recruitment Software

As a recruitment agency, you need to make sure that you have access to the best recruitment software available to make all processes easier and support both clients and staff in the right way. Obviously, you need to make sure that you have a complete solution from one part of the business to the other. Everything needs to be optimised and work in harmony to guarantee effectiveness.

Upgrade Your Medical Staffing Recruitment CRM Today

We provide access to one of the best nurse recruitment staffing solutions possible. Finding the best talent and securing them placements is a difficult task. Modern technology has evolved substantially. Your competitors will have access to the latest software and tools to secure placements before you. After all, lots of hospitals have multiple agencies on the books. Therefore, they do not care if the staff come from you or your biggest competitor – they just need the workers.

We offer you custom nursing recruitment software. You can upgrade and change the recruitment software to suit your working style. We help with transitioning and integrating existing tools directly into the new software, so you don’t have to learn a brand-new operating system.

Here to Help

20X is here to provide quality recruitment software for agencies across the UK. With bespoke systems that are easy to use and full customisation, we pride ourselves on delivering an experience that will revolutionise the way you handle agency management.

Modern challenges require modern technology. By using cutting-edge tools and software, you can keep up with the competition and deliver the best service for both clients and agency workers. We offer full transitionary, support and access to resources that will help you to integrate existing technology and systems into the new layout.


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