January 2023

Upgrade Your Healthcare Agency Software Today

Your business needs to make the jump to fully customisable healthcare staffing agency software. It helps you to work with the best clients in the country and sign the talented professionals you need to grow and thrive.

The right healthcare agency management software can help your business to thrive. You need to make sure you build the right industry relationships and stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare trends. It’s also important to understand the latest compliance, job functions and licensing to tailor your services to match.

If you’re going to provide both clinical and non-clinical staff to a wealth of industries, including research facilities, small clinics, hospitals, corporations, prisons, schools and assisted living facilities, you need a solution tailored to match your needs.

Providing Healthcare Agency Staffing Software For You

20X provides healthcare staffing software which can adapt to meet your needs and expectations. We provide services from shift scheduling to credential management to guarantee you can keep track of your workers effectively.

It’s important to get medical staff and non-clinical workers who are skilled and qualified. They’ll always be a vital part of your client’s staff, whether they’re on short-term, long-term or per diem assignments.

We offer specialist health staffing software that serves as an end-to-end solution for all your problems. Featuring integrated front, back and middle office support, every part of your organisation ties nearly together as a single platform.

Stay Current With Practical Healthcare Software UK

The healthcare industry is subject to a lot of strict regulations, and you need to make sure that your software can perform basic tasks with auditing and compliance. Being able to track all the steps in a recruitment and placement process to make sure that efficiency stays up is a big part of a successful agency.

The Benefits of Good Healthcare Agency Software

There are plenty of benefits to the right type of healthcare technology development and how it can help your business to thrive. Let’s take a look at them:

Recruiting Candidates Quickly

The right type of agency management software can help to speed up the recruitment and onboarding process. You’ll have access to a database which can help to keep candidates appraised of open roles and fill vacant positions faster.

Manage Staff Qualifications and Documents

You can use good agency management software to monitor qualifications among staff, manage the documents they provide, and make general auditing or compliance reports as needed.

Make Scheduling Easy

Scheduling becomes easy when you use web-based calendars. Our software can help you to fill open positions and cover emergency shifts with time to spare.

Building Relationships With Clients

You can use the software we provide to build better relationships with your clients. It is easy to streamline the specific needs and preferences of your customers and stop things from getting missed through a client portal.

20X is committed to delivering flexible healthcare staffing software which can improve your reporting and business operations. You can customise the software to use whatever tools are useful to you and meet expectations as a healthcare staffing agency.


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