April 2021

Tips for Choosing the Right Time Sheet App for Your Business

In a world where technology has evolved and overtaken every business sector and revolutionised their efficiency and output, is your business still stuck with the manual process of maintaining paper timesheets? Well, it’s time you switch to the world of digitalisation.

Essential features of an ideal timesheet app:

User-friendly and simple to use – A user-friendly app that is simple to use yet effective would be the number 1 feature to look for.

Customisation & versatility – Every business is unique and has its own particular working needs therefore if the timesheet app can be customised then you are at an advantage.

Cloud storage with historical data – All data is stored in the cloud, hence you can access the information from anywhere and any device, giving you the ultimate freedom.

Alerts, notifications, and reminders – The App should keep you up to date with all the information like vacancy/shift availability alerts, expiry, and more. The employees should be able to accept shifts just by the click of a button. Alerts on updates of certifications and compliance should be available through the app.

Accounting features– The app should have basic aspects of an accounting system such as invoice creation and payroll.

Scalable as the business grows – A timesheet app cannot be restricted to usage-based limits. A good timesheet app should be upgradable as the business needs grow.

The 20X Timesheet App

Being in the industry and understanding the needs of individual businesses, 20X has designed the timesheet app that incorporates all the above features making it a comprehensive and powerful software. It can be accessed by your smartphone or computer by just downloading the app from the app store. Added to this we also train your employees to use it efficiently. Choosing the 20X App can ease your stress by transforming the cumbersome process of timesheet tracking into a digital, smooth, and hassle-free process.

20X offers the versatility of having the timesheet in 3 different ways:

The timesheet can be attached against a particular shift through the mobile app.
Paperless timesheet: Depending on the setting you enable for the client, there is an even more hassle-free timesheet system called a paperless timesheet that can be handled on the app.
Finger Signature on the mobile app: The third system for timesheet management is that the workers can present their smartphone to the client manager and get their finger signature.



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