January 2023

The Top Medical Staffing Agency Software

Getting the correct type of agency software is vital for managing your team and keeping customers happy. Modern agency staffing management software has been carefully designed to automate basic tasks, provide a complete solution for businesses, and help foster working relationships with clients. It’s a system that works for everybody, with many different offerings.

Let’s look at the top choices.

Can You Get Medical Staffing Software Free?

Lots of agencies feel the best software is free. We don’t agree! Paying for a custom system guarantees quality and dedicated support. Here are the best options:


BlueSky is a medical staffing system designed to manage a complete workflow lifecycle. The software handles everything from candidate searches to final client invoicing. The main appeal of this system is automating tasks.

Core features include applicant screening and tracking, vendor management tools for audits, compliance and analytics, and workforce management resources such as performance metrics, attendance management and contractor monitoring.

20X – Medical Staffing Timesheets

20X is a sophisticated nursing and care agency management system. You have access to specialist tools and medical staffing timesheets.

The system provides automation for basic tasks and is customisable in every way. Businesses can create a layout and tool list to meet their individual needs. Furthermore, the software can be integrated into existing accounting tools to enable a smooth transition.


AkkenCloud is a cloud-based system for healthcare staffing and recruiting. It has been created to assist with managing staffing processes and overseeing recruitment campaigns.

The system incorporates many features. There are a wealth of invaluable tools for agency management, like billing software, job requisition tools, CRM tools, onboarding support and many more. There are also features for tracking and monitoring applicants, CV searches, interview schedules, a self-service system and others.


Agencies that make use of Microsoft Dynamics will benefit from using 1Staff; it offers a staffing and recruitment support system for medium-to-large businesses.

The system offers VMS features, including time and expense collections, invoicing support, commission reporting and gross margins. There are a number of different features to help manage workers more effectively, like payroll and compensation management, as well as an employee database.


Another popular tool is Momentum. In addition to providing timesheet software UK, the system also offers imaging centres, hospitals, and other locations to quickly and effectively schedule staff.

Core features include a wealth of medical scheduling features like billing, appointment scheduling, invoicing and billing tools, and doctor management software.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right type of medical management software is important for getting the right results for a business. There are plenty of different tools which can be seamlessly integrated and used on a daily basis to get the best results. Any agency that wants to manage workers effectively needs to learn how to use modern tools and ensure that its software is upgraded to meet the current needs of the industry. This helps to facilitate the right type of growth and support.



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