January 2023

The Importance of a Nursing Agency App

Modern technology is vital for any business that wants to succeed in a fast-paced world. The medical profession requires workers ready to fill a gap at a moment’s notice, which mandates clear communication between agency and staff, as well as access to an online portal to view relevant information and receive placements. For many agencies, this is a nursing agency app.

Why is a nursing agency app so important? What benefits will it bring to any agency? Here at 20X, we offer a companion app for our management software, so we are qualified to talk about why you need a proper nursing agency app for your agency business.

Why You Need Agency Software Easy Apps

Agency management software is a valuable resource for the agency itself. It allows you to coordinate between staff members, maintain healthy relationships with clients, and seamlessly automate and integrate into every aspect of your business.

However, what benefits exist for the staff themselves? In many cases, it’s important to have a companion app that can be released to staff members alongside the management software. The two typically operate on the same network and often via cloud technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a dedicated companion app:

Communication For Staff and Agency Workers

As an agency, you need to be able to communicate information to your workers on the go. Shift changes, new placements, and other important information need to be delivered quickly.

You could ring each staff member individually and contact them, but this is unreliable and time-consuming. Having a companion app that delivers notifications straight to the staff member in question makes life a lot easier.

Improves Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of any agency. To appeal to clients, you should provide evidence that you can support them whenever needed. This becomes a lot easier when you have access to an open communication channel with your workers. You can direct people as necessary to fill certain positions.

Updates on the Fly

Being able to update information on the go is not just for the purposes of communicating with staff members, but it can also be for internal procedures as well. Staff can regularly update timesheets, compliance, documents, qualifications, and any other relevant information through the app, which links up with the database that the agency has.

20X Offers Bespoke Support

If you’re going to successfully introduce a companion app to go with your agency management software, then we are here to help. 20X has provided a reliable companion app that can be installed and used by workers on phones and tablets.

We aim to make sure that you get the best possible resources, which is why we are happy to help you integrate the app into your processes and train your staff and how to use it. Thanks to the power of cloud technology, which is expertly guarded by our security system, staff can make updates and review information wherever they are.


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