July 2022

Recruitment Agency Software 

Recruitment Agency Software 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many new pressures and stresses in all walks of life and it has also heightened pre-existing problems.   Problems such as staffing nursing and care homes have become even more complex and problematic for a host of reasons.   Some are clear and simple such as sickness levels increasing due to COVID outbreaks and periods of self-isolation.  There are, however, more subtle issues such as people taking time to reflect on their lives and deciding that a stressful career or a high-stakes job is no longer what they want for themselves.

 The cumulative effect of this has meant that more and more time has been given over to the recruitment of staff, as the turnover is higher than usual as well as the staffing of shifts taking up more time due to people canceling at short notice due to the effects of Covid.  Inevitably this puts further financial strains of agencies as well as taking up valuable time that would be better spent on other areas of their important work.

Therefore, there has never been a better time to switch these tasks from a manual system to a largely automated recruitment agency software system using dedicated and bespoke software.

 At 20x we have developed recruitment agency software that will greatly reduce the time spent on areas such as recruitment as well as shift management.  20x was designed specifically for the nursing and care industry and therefore does exactly what is required of people who work in that sector.

20x recruitment agency software will:

  •   Reduce the amount of paperwork and processing that is usually required during the recruitment of staff by a large percentage. 
  •   Reduce the amount of time taken to plan and staff shifts by using the portal twinned with the app that staff will have access to.

20x recruitment agency software is:

  •   Easy to use
  •   Safe and secure
  •   Reasonably priced

At 20X our portal and staff app are proven to hugely reduce the time taken to schedule staff for work across an entire agency. 

 Using our recruitment agency software you can:

  • Recruit staff 100% online and without the need for any duplication of information.

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