April 2022

Overcome Healthcare Hiring Hurdles With 20X

Health care crm agency continues to face a large number of challenges; budget pressures and escalating demand are very difficult to cater for, but now, more than ever it is the high turnover and shortage of quality of staff that is the biggest single problem for the industry. 

This current recruitment and staffing crisis means that time to hire (TTH) is crucial at the moment and for the foreseeable future. 

A short TTH is not only good for you, as you can fill positions quickly, it is also good for your potential candidates.  Many people have faced work issues caused by COVID as well as a range of other factors.   People are keen to get to work and the quicker you can make that process the better for everyone. 

Usually repetitive, manual tasks are typically the cause of a long TTH.

  • Staff typing information from applications forms into computer systems.
  • Managers looking up email addresses and sending email requests for references.
  • Managers receiving references and having to manually add them to the correct applicant’s information. 
  • Collation of relevant training and certificates requires candidates to bring the physical copies into the office for scanning and processing. 

At 20X we have the perfect product to vastly reduce your TTH.  Our software completely removes the need for any duplication of information and hugely reduces the need for any data entry by managers.

Using our system, candidates enter their information directly into the portal as part of their application.  They enter all the key personal information and also provide the details of their referees.  This enables managers to send for a reference with just one click of their mouse.  Furthermore the reference is automatically added to the candidates online profile.

The candidates are also asked to upload evidence of all relevant training and certification – this can be quickly audited by a member of the management team.

Once all the relevant boxes have been ticked this candidate can be activated for work with the knowledge that you already have all the required information available to you in the 20X portal. 

This process keeps candidates engaged throughout the hiring process as they can track their applications progress. You never know – it could be the difference between hiring the right candidate and leaving a role unfilled for weeks on end.

Why not book a demo today and see how we can help you to get the right candidates on board as part of your team in a quick and efficient way. 


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