February 2022

How to Choose The Best Software for Your Care Agency?

In today’s digital era, many characteristics of medical healthcare practices (including care staffing and care management) are handled by software systems. Modern care agency staffing software has taken over most of the mundane rhythms of managing employees, shifts, invoicing, patient information, documentation, and other tasks.

Selecting the right care agency software that best tailors your care agency’s challenging needs has become a significant decision for your business.

“A quick way to discover software tools is to look at what others in your industry are using. Scan who your competitors use, ask others in your industry for advice, reach out on LinkedIn and ask your network. You’ll get lots of information about solutions that fit your use case.”

The software should have features that allow you to document, schedule, and manage shifts, as well as handle all communications (including staff notifications), simply and efficiently. If you’re able to find software that also equips you to manage complex recruitment needs, you could be on to a winning path for your business.

To ensure the staffing and recruitment is effortless and successful, in addition to running your agency with minimal administrative input, it’s critical to choose the best care agency software available in the market.

Some of the essential features of an ideal care agency software are:

Features of an efficient care agency software

The system should enable a natural recruitment process. From the initial staff registration all the way through to document uploading, onboarding, and vetting, you need a system that is logical, user-friendly, and no-nonsense.

Since the care staff must upload several care certificates and related documents, the online experience should be addressed uniquely – but without exhausting the potential employee. Otherwise, there is a risk that frustrated applicants may leave the process to search for more effortless alternatives.

For the staff member to view available shifts, accept shifts, and achieve full clarity regarding their upcoming and completed shifts.

The agency should accept shifts from nursing homes and hospitals and allocate them to staff members based on times that are convenient for them.

To have an availability calendar that the staff can update, and which the agency can look at directly from their admin interface. Ideally, the agency needs to be able to view – at a glance – the whole list of employees available to take up a shift.

To handle last-minute shift requirements from clients and allocate them rapidly along with instant notifications to staff and care homes.

The software should handle expiry warnings of mandatory documents to both the staff member and the agency administrator on time, providing efficiency in communicating changes and notifications.

The software system should be intuitive and straightforward to use. Although seemingly unimportant, this will often turn out to be the most compelling feature for agencies. Some existing software solutions involve highly cumbersome data input.

To help address these difficulties within the nursing care agency sector, Crown Software Solutions Ltd. assembled a team of experts, including software developers, nurses, careers, and care managers. Together they developed a modern software package called 20X that encompasses all of the above features and many more—combining all the crucial elements in pursuit of the ideal care agency software solution. If you are ready to take the next step in growing and streamlining your agency operation with a modern software system, contact 20X today for a free no-obligation demo!


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