October 2022

20X Builds New Healthcare Technology, Unveils High-Security Measures

The healthcare sector is one which can benefit from continuous advancements and innovations, and 20X has managed to do just that by creating a brand new healthcare technology system with high-security features designed to make life easier and to help secure the software from attacks or other areas of vulnerability. 

As a leading provider of healthcare software, 20X is committed to delivering a reliable, practical and innovative experience. 

New Healthcare Agency Software For Any Business

20X has made it a lifelong mission to evolve and develop new software which is easy for customers and staff to use, and the company has done this to great effect over the last few months. 

Their new system uses an entirely new interface. It has been designed to be simple to operate and intuitive all at once. When dealing with healthcare software, it’s important to make sure that the finished product is easy to use to avoid time and resource wasting. 

All New, All-Evolved Healthcare Agency Management Software

The new software claims to offer many different resources for staff to take advantage of, all of which can be used to make sure that the healthcare agency management process is a straightforward one. Hundreds of hours of phone calls and admin time can be saved thanks to the modern interface.

Healthcare Staffing Agency Software Designed With Practicality in Mind

It’s clear that the software has been designed with the practicality of users at the forefront of what is going on. The company provides an in-house application that can be given out to staff members. It allows them to simultaneously stay connected with the agency itself, track shift availability, access a calendar, and discover when their services are needed.

Improving Healthcare Staffing Software 

The good thing about the technology provided with the 20X system is that it is flexible and accessible. The system can be seamlessly changed to suit the needs of the user, so it’s very easy to get access to the results that work. 

Furthermore, data from an existing system can easily be imported to the new software, so it’s very easy to get set up without major disruption to productivity and day-to-day operations.

High-Security Health Staffing Software

A notable benefit of using the software is the incredible levels of security that have been implemented as a way to protect user information and personal data.

To guarantee effective performance, the servers that are used by the company feature 256-bit encryption and dual firewall protection. Not only that, but the company is fully compliant with all GDPR regulations to protect user information and keep the personal data of any customers serviced by clients safe from the threat of online attack or theft. 

The Rising Need For Good Healthcare Software UK

The need for effective healthcare software in the UK has never been greater. We live in a country where we have an ageing population. This means that there is a greater percentage of elderly people who require constant care than in other countries.

Furthermore, healthcare services continue to grow and develop, with the overall intention of providing more comprehensive, more complete care facilities. Therefore, in order to compensate for the needs of an expanding industry, it is necessary to broaden the number of services available and design a much more cohesive experience.

The Future of Healthcare Technology Development is Bright

The one thing that nobody can deny is that the healthcare technology development industry is one that is continuing to reach new heights.

We are only just beginning to see the full potential of healthcare technology. Developing new management systems helps to boost productivity, make the lives of everybody involved a lot easier, and facilitate a care experience that is much more focused, organised, and capable of handling a modern workload.

Companies like 20X are leading the charge by designing new systems and tools for future care providers. With brand-new software and an ever-growing technological sophistication, the care industry will surely receive a lot more support in the near future. Hopefully, this will transform the industry, taking it from one which is barely managing to provide care to a sector that is comfortable delivering care at all levels.


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