December 2022

20X – A Healthcare Staffing Agency That is Intuitive

As a healthcare staffing agency, it’s vital that you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to managing staff and meeting shift requirements. You might think that you run things fairly well but in reality, you could do more to enhance productivity and efficiency. This is where healthcare agency software can really help but what can it do for you?

Healthcare Staffing Software Provides Easy Management

With 20X’s healthcare staffing agency software, it will make it possible for you to seamlessly manage the relationships that you have with your clients and candidates. Our healthcare software UK is designed to be easy to use and intuitive but it comes with powerful features that help you to align with the needs of your clients and candidates. You will be able to handle payments, fill shift requirements and ensure that staff are placed in the right roles.

Healthcare staffing Software That Puts Staff In The Right Roles

There is no denying that healthcare staff fulfil a range of roles across the healthcare industry. This can mean that you have to constantly manage individuals and their skillset to ensure that they are placed in the right roles. You want to avoid making mistakes and pairing staff up with clients only to find that they are not the right fit. This is where healthcare technology development has made it a lot easier for healthcare staffing agencies to make the right decisions. It is possible to use healthcare staffing software to tag staff so that you instantly know what roles they can fulfil. Whether it is nursing assistants or physiotherapists, you will be able to match their skillset with the right roles and that can really make a difference to the level of service that you offer.

Make Informed Decisions With Healthcare Staffing Software

With 20X, it is possible to access the information and data you need when you need it. Our healthcare staffing software has been designed to help your agency perform smarter and more efficiently and all of this is driven by the right decisions. Whether it’s deciding what staff are available to fill certain roles to determining how many hours staff have worked and even arranging payments, everything can be managed from one centralised system that puts you in control. Using all of this information, you can make decisions with confidence and that will give your agency a professional image that your clients will trust.

Manage Time and Expenses With Health Staffing Software

It is possible that you might have hundreds or even thousands of staff registered with your agency and managing them all can prove a challenge when you use the wrong tools or systems. Health care agency management software will enable you to manage time and expenses. As a result, you will be able to determine the hours that each member of staff works and the costs associated with this, all of which will give you the freedom to manage your staff more effectively and keep on top of expenses.

Health Staffing Software That’s Intuitive

Other types of software can prove to be complex, confusing and clunky and that can mean that it doesn’t work with you but against you. These types of systems are difficult to use and can result in staff spending more time than is necessary on carrying out tasks. The design ensures that you can find exactly what you need and the features are simple to understand and use. Furthermore, the mobile app syncs seamlessly with your software making it possible for staff to view shifts and accept shifts. As everything is designed perfectly, you, your staff and your clients can work together to ensure that you are all on the same page. This helps to save time, improve efficiency and enhance productivity.

Healthcare Agency Software You Can Rely On

When it comes to running a healthcare agency, you need to run things as smoothly as possible because you need to react to client needs and deliver in order to meet their requirements. Furthermore, you also have to provide a seamless service for staff too and this is where healthcare agency software can have a positive impact on the way you run your agency and the level of satisfaction that you deliver.


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