December 2022

Guide to Health Care Recruiting Software


The healthcare industry moves at a rapid pace and of course, it is vital that staff are available to provide the services on offer. In recent years, we have seen an increased demand for nurses and doctors but a shortage has made it extremely difficult for healthcare providers.

The demands placed on healthcare providers require them to be available around the clock. However, due to shortages, this has highlighted even more of a need to streamline the recruitment process; this is where healthcare staff recruitment software can make a difference.

The aim should be to provide consistency and continuity but healthcare providers face a range of challenges but if you are a healthcare recruitment agency, you can help by making the process easier and more efficient. This is where nursing recruitment software like 20X can really make a difference.

The Importance of Care Staff Recruitment Software

To meet the needs of clients and candidates, it is vital that the recruitment process is streamlined and efficient. When a care provider recognises a need for staff, they need to know that they can call on a healthcare agency to meet their needs.

Agencies have a need to work rapidly and to react with precision to ensure that they find the right people for the role and nurse recruitment staffing solutions can help with that. Software can make life easier for all those involved but there is no doubt that a healthcare CRM agency can benefit from a solution that brings all of the processes together.

To help you understand just how much of an impact nursing recruitment software can have on your agency and its performance, let’s look at what the software should include:

  • It should provide you with a centralised system that contains all relevant data and that includes client data but also staff data. This will enable you to place staff into roles that match their skillset
  • A care agency CRM should be easy to implement and easy to understand.
  • The user interface should be intuitive and friendly while it should also have all of the functions that your agency needs such as staff schedules and payments
  • There should also be the option for staff to stay informed of opportunities through the use of an app that keeps them connected with you.
  • Should provide you with data that helps you to determine performance and which staff are considered more reliable and contactable than others.

Staff Tracking With a Medical Staffing Recruitment CRM

Any leading care agency CRM should make it possible to manage staff when it comes to filling positions efficiently. This means that it is possible to connect with them almost instantly and this is where an app can really help. It will mean that your agency won’t have to send emails or make calls but you can seamlessly send them a notification that a role is available for them. They can then accept or decline, making it possible for you to manage applicants and improve efficiency when it comes to hiring and assessing potential candidates.

For any agency, delivering satisfaction to healthcare providers should be a priority and this can only be done through the use of care staff recruitment software. A care agency CRM that provides tracking will have a significant impact on the number of successful candidates that are found to fill a role. This will enable healthcare providers to continue providing the level of care they promise to offer to patients.

Recruitment candidate relationship management is vital and offering a solution to healthcare providers is something that your agency should focus on. Staff management is vital if you are going to provide a first-class service but to do this, you have to rely on the right solutions. Job scheduling and rota management is crucial when it comes to ensuring you can actively determine who is available, who isn’t and who is right for the available roles. All of this can be taken care of and your agency won’t miss a beat because you can manage all processes from one centralised system. This puts you in control and enables you to become more efficient across all processes and that leads to greater satisfaction.


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