March 2022

Embrace the future of Medical Industry in UK with 20X Medical Software

“The future of work is changing – quickly and irrevocably.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological innovations are driving this change and the working landscape in twenty, or even ten years’ time is going to be vastly different from that of today.

Developments such as social media, mobile working and cloud connectivity have already altered how, where and when people work – while AI, robotics, and smart technology are already making some traditional job roles obsolete.

In short, we’re facing an innovation deluge. And keeping on top of all the latest technologies and trends is going to be a key challenge for all businesses – but especially those that want to lead or disrupt.” 

There are a number of factors that drive our fear of embracing new technology and software:

Reasons to fear change:

  • Resistant to change – some people just do not like change and would rather keep doing things the way they always have
    • 20x says: we understand that change can be scary but we will work with you to help you adapt and you will soon realise that the new way is so much more efficient than what you were doing before.
  • Not having time to properly investigate the options – overwhelmed by the choice and fear choosing the wrong solution
    • 20x says: ask someone else in the industry.  The organisations that have completed their research and have chosen us are delighted with their choice.
  • Lack of finance – simply not enough money to purchase anything
    • 20x says: we understand budgeting issues which is why our subscriptions are set on a sliding scale to match the size of your organisation.
  • Resistant staff (technophobes) – worries that staff won’t adapt to the new system as they are not confident using tech
    • 20x says: we will train your staff so that they are confident to use our software.  For the majority of staff this is simpler than using their phone to make an online purchase.
  • Fear a lack of control – you understand the current system and may not be so confident with the new ways 
    • 20x says: we offer ongoing tech support.  If you need something re-explained or come across a new problem just let us know and we’ll help you through it.
  • Concerns about competence – can the tech / software really do everything we need it to?
    • 20x says: our software was written specifically for the Medical and Care profession.  It has been tried and tested and is also regularly being updated.
  • Previous poor experiences – you’ve previously used unreliable tech and have had to switch back to manual or paper ways
    • 20x says: unfortunately many people have had poor experiences with tech not being up to standard.  As mentioned before, out software is tried and tested and works in the real world. 

If you can overcome these fears you will find that 20x is the perfect solution for your organisation

Our software is called 20x as we aim to make you 20 times more efficient.  Our software will save you huge amounts of time by removing the need to duplicate data entry and by streamlining many processes such as shift allocation / rotas. 

We challenge you to embrace the future and to find the solutions that will push your medical agency software onto the next level. 


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