December 2022

Care Agency Software: How Do They Stack Up?


When you are searching for nurse staffing agency software, it might feel as though you have too many options to choose from. There are so many providers to consider and they all offer something different. There are those that have experience in providing their solution but there are those that are relatively new to the market. Some might offer a whole range of features but then there are those that force you to commit to long contracts. As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to nurse staffing software so, let’s look at how they stack up.

Ablyss and 20X Care Agency Software

When it comes to pricing and contract length, 20X stands out because there is no need to tie yourself into a lengthy contract. This is because we offer a shorter contract length and a range of plans while the functionality and design do not match up with the intuitive design and functionality of 20X.

Care Control Systems and 20X Nurse Staffing Software

If you are looking for a care agency management system that offers much more than it can help to compare 20X and Care Control Systems. 20X has the ability to provide a solution for a range of industries but where it really becomes the better option is when it comes to cost and contract length. Care Control Systems require clients to sign up for one year as a minimum which is a significant amount of time while they also charge high set-up fees of £399. Furthermore, it is only available via an app while 20X makes use of a centralised system that is used by clients and an app that can be used by staff.

Care Vision and 20x Care Agency Software

At 20X, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality care agency software that provides an effective solution. However, we also appreciate the value of customer support and that is something that sets 20X apart from Care Vision. We offer support online, through live chat and via email while Care Vision only offers email support and phone support which could indicate that any issues or queries might be challenging to overcome. There are also setup fees that are in place for Care Vision which are exceptionally high and come in at around £500.

Care Docs and 20x Care Agency Software UK

Care Docs is another electronic care agency management system that you might have heard of but again, we believe that 20X goes one step further to offer much more. This is down to the fact that you are not expected to commit to the same length of contract as you would with Care Docs which is 12 months. There are fees associated with supplying and setting up equipment while support over the phone and by email is only available between the hours of 9am-5pm during weekdays. There is no denying that 20X goes above and beyond to provide much more to its clients and users.

Carebeans and 20X Nurse Staffing Software

Carebeans also provides a solution when it comes to care agency software UK and will give you something to think about but 20X does stand out in comparison. The design and usability of Carebeans is not as intuitive as 20X because 20X is extremely simple and straightforward to use. As always, support is vital and 20X does believe in offering a high level of support online, via chat and email while Carebeans only offers phone support and online ticketing support.

It can seem a real challenge to choose a provider when it comes to nurse staffing software but we believe that 20X has the ability to stand up against many of the providers out there. They all offer something unique but in reality, you want a provider that does everything you need it to which is where it is important to find the right balance. If you make the wrong decision, you might find yourself tied into a lengthy and costly contract while you will find it challenging to run your agency effectively. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to understand what they all offer and exactly why 20X is the right choice for your agency.


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