April 2021

Boost productivity and profitability with the cutting edge 20x Software

“Digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable, generate 9% more revenue from their physical assets, and achieve 12% higher market valuations than other large firms in their industries.” 


The traditional ways of employee shift scheduling using manual tools such as spreadsheets, phone lists and email are no longer fit for purpose:

Due to the shortage of staff, tight budgets, increased demand as well as high staff turnover staff scheduling is even more demanding than ever before. 

Due to the nature of the work administrators and mangers must also strive to create consistency for the residents and people they care for.  This requires predictable schedules but also the ability to staff vacant shifts quickly and efficiently.

They need to ensure care ratios are maintained, even in the face of unexpected staff absence. They must ensure that staff with the right qualifications are selected for the right shifts at multiple locations. Controlling overtime and worker burnout are also key factors.

These factors mean that it is now essential that companies turn to technology to help them revolutionise this process.  

At 20X our portal and staff app are proven to hugely reduce the time taken to schedule staff for work across an entire agency. 


Using our technology you can:

  • Recruit staff 100% online and without the need for any duplication of information.
  • Ask staff to set their availability using the app – this will automatically appear within your admin login, completely eradicating the need to phone or email staff to ask if they are free to work.
  • Assign staff to shifts using the portal – this will automatically email staff as well as the shift appearing in their work app.
  • Make shifts available to agency staff to choose – the portal will automatically ensure that only suitably qualified staff can choose shifts. I.e. a healthcare assistant would not be able to choose a shift asking for a registered nurse.
  • Reassign shifts quickly – if a member of staff is off sick or suddenly has to isolate you can reassign their shift with the click of a couple of buttons.
  • Set up all your shifts without publishing them – if you want to you can create shifts well in advance but only make them go live (on staff apps) when you are ready to publish.
  • Track how much staff are working.

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