June 2022

5 Most Important Features of a Healthcare Staffing CRM

“Despite growing year on year, the UK’s recruitment industry struggles with a whopping 43% staff turnover rate: miles above the 15% national average.”

With staff turn over being so high but the demand for agency staff increasing, it has never been more important to be able to hire staff quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring that the candidates are high quality as well as meeting all compliance checks.

Many companies have already turned to technology but many are also still using dated and time heavy methods such as paper applications and hand delivered certification.

“Technology use boosts recruitment but adoption limited by lack of skills

Two-thirds of employers say technology use has sped up the recruitment process at least to a small extent. Increases in diversity and quality of hires have also been noted.
But more than half (54%) say technology use in recruitment has been limited by a lack of internal skills and knowledge.”

At 20X we have developed a fully online Healthcare Staffing Software recruitment system that enables you to process large numbers of candidates without having to worry about printing bits of paper, filing or scanning in certificates that are hand delivered to the office.

Usually repetitive, manual tasks are typically the cause of the recruitment process taking up so much admin time.

Task such as:
Staff typing information from applications forms into computer systems.
Managers looking up email addresses and sending email requests for references.
Managers receiving references and having to manually add them to the correct applicant’s information.
Collation of relevant training and certificates requires candidates to bring the physical copies into the office for scanning and processing.

Our software completely removes the need for any duplication of information and hugely reduces the need for any data entry by managers.

Using our system, candidates enter their information directly into the portal as part of their application. They enter all the key personal information and also provide the details of their referees. This enables managers to send for a reference with just one click of their mouse. Furthermore the reference is automatically added to the candidates online profile.

The candidates are also asked to upload evidence of all relevant training and certification – this can be quickly audited by a member of the management team.

Once all the relevant boxes have been ticked this candidate can be activated for work with the knowledge that you already have all the required information available to you in the 20X portal.

This process keeps candidates engaged throughout the hiring process as they can track their applications progress. You never know – it could be the difference between hiring the right candidate and leaving a role unfilled for weeks on end.

Why not book a demo today and see how we can help you to get the right candidates on board as part of your team in a quick and efficient way.


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